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NEWS: We are happy to have the Optobionics website back up.  The original Optobionics Corporation has stopped operations.  However, Dr. Chow has acquired the Optobionics name and the Artificial Silicon Retina (ASR) implants and will be reorganizing a new company under the Optobionics name.

If you are a patient with Retinitis Pigmentosa and would be interested in whether your eye condition may be responsive to ASR chip  stimulation, you may contact us using the Contact Us tab or call us at (630) 858-4411  (Please be patient as it may take us a while to respond to you).


The Eye

     Our ability to see is the result of a process similar to that of a camera. In a camera, light passes through a series of lenses that focus images onto film or an imaging chip. The eye performs a similar function in that light passes through the cornea and crystalline lens, which together focus images onto the retina—the layer of light sensing cells that lines the back of the eye.
     Once stimulated by light, the cells within the retina processes the images by converting their analog light signals into digital electro-chemical pulses that are sent via the optic nerve to the brain.  A disruption or malfunction of any of these processes can result in loss of vision.







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